Mission Statement of Toronto Rugby

To grow the number of participants. 

To increase general public awareness within the Toronto Rugby catchment area.

To provide opportunities for all ages & skill levels to participate in organized, meaningful leagues.

To provide a pathway for clubs and players to compete at the highest level possible.


Strategic Goals:

1. Increase participation:

  • At grass root, community, youth, and branch rep. levels
  • Through different forms of organized rugby (mini, flag, 7s, touch, beach…)
  • By increasing senior retention
  • Providing pathways to compete at the highest level possible

2. Raise the profile of Rugby in Toronto Rugby catchment area:

  • Increase awareness in the general population in order to increase participation.
  • Make games and participation of rugby more exciting and meaningful in order to keep players, clubs energized, interested and motivated.

3. Strengthen member clubs:

  • Improve club profiles and penetration.
  • Strengthen clubs with administrative and organization support.
  • Help clubs market the game and their organizations.
  • Maintain and/or reduce costs.

4. Increase external revenue to decrease direct cost to the clubs, branch rep and players

5. Create pathways so all players and teams can compete at the highest level.