The Ajax Wanderers Rugby Union Football Club can lay claim to being the founding club for rugby in post-war Ontario. In 1949, Freddie and Bob Miller, Norman Fawdry and David Holland, English immigrants who missed their favourite sport from back home, formed the Wanderers RUFC.

Initially opposition was limited to University of Toronto, McGill University and Westmount RFC. so in September 1950, these rugby visionaries hosted a meeting to test the waters for local expansion. These meetings resulted in the formation of the Nomads, Barbarians, and the Irish Canadians rugby clubs, while in Brantford George Jones was hard at work creating another club.  

By the end of September, with the inclusion of University of Toronto, a six team GTA league was up and going!

Once a league was in place, Wanderers enjoyed early success winning several provincial championships in the late 1950s. The club also began a tradition of touring that continues to this day.

Going on tour and hosting teams is one of the finest traditions in rugby and the sport provides an opportunity like no other for players to travel the world as a team or as individuals. Over the years Wanderers have toured extensively within Canada, the United States, Great Britain and even an occasional trip to the continent. The club has also hosted teams from all over the world.