Founded in 1978, the last club in a chain of clubs founded by Vince Jones, He passed away in 2103 and it now falls to his acolytes to continue to bring rugby to this area and to develop talented Canadians to the highest levels of the sport, as well as ensure that the guiding principles of Rugby worldwide are always first and foremost in our own club house. Since the single men’s side that was created in 1978, the club has grown to 11 league playing teams of men women, boys and girls, as well as minis. We have added none league teams, in adult and house league flag rugby, as well as a recreational men’s over 35 side. We moved into our current location in 2002, and have continued to develop the site as a rugby home, we do have eyes on the future, to that end we will continue to endeavor to bring the highest level of rugby to our town as often as possible, and along with it the inspiration to all our community and our youth that playing sport is all about the rest of your life.