Calling all Toronto rugby players over 35!

We know there are a lot of guys who have stopped playing for their current clubs but are still interested in the occasional game or in playing oldboys. We are a new “old boys” club situated in the heart of Toronto.

Players over the age of 35 from any club who still enjoy the game but aren’t to excited about getting pummelled by a new Ontario Blues 20 year old prospect are welcome! We’re looking for players who enjoy the camaraderie and exercise in the game and fully enjoy the spirit of Old Boys rugby, without undertaking the strains and injuries of training and everything that goes with playing competitive rugby.

We play from May to September (approximately 8 – 14 games in the season, with a break in July and August). Registrations dues are $100. Our clubhouse is based at The Kilt & Harp Pub, 2046 Danforth Ave (Woodbine & Danforth).