The Toronto Buccaneers RFC was established in 1976. The club has a long standing tradition of playing hard, competitive rugby on the field while also playing hard off the field with an impressive yearly social calendar. Pub crawls, charity events, social gatherings and an offseason hockey team are only a few of the many facets of the Buccaneers club.

Initially formed by a group of Toronto policemen, the club’s logo still bears the “billy clubs” emblem in honour of our past. The club also has a rich history of Alumni and Old Boys associated in both tour and social functions, and has recently begun a team Hall of Fame in recognition of outstanding past players and contributors to the club.

The Buccaneers are a small, but fiercely proud group of rugby players who are always on the lookout for quality persons to participate on the team. All skill levels are accepted into the club, only the desire to play hard on and off the field is required