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Origins of the league:

Alison Mckenna has been a long time member of the Lions Rugby Club, joining the club in 1997 and several years later, separating the women’s and men’s teams finances. After 2003, the men’s team folded and Alison became president of the women’s club. During her time with the Lions, Alison has been a club player, president, senior and junior coach as well as working with various high school programs. Alison was heavily involved in the merger between the Lions and Yeomen women’s team, creating a new club (Yeomen Lions) in 2010 and has been a long time member of the club executive, coaching staff for the women’s teams and various high school programs. She also worked with the TIRF program in the city, both with organizing sessions and coaching the mini players.  

Alison joined the Toronto Rugby board in 1999 when Todd became president, as women’s director. Over the years, she was instrumental in both developing senior women’s leagues and in helping to establish long term Toronto Rugby policy. In addition, she helped develop the first junior women’s leagues in Toronto and helped them to grow to become the largest junior women’s league in the province. She has also coached many Toronto summer games teams, representative teams and was the Toronto Rugby women’s representative on the Rugby Ontario competitions committee, helping to develop many polices that are in place today. Alison has been a strong support and advocate of women’s Rugby in the province and has ben involved for many years in growing the women’s game.  

Alison left the Toronto board in 2010 to focus on a demanding career and continued her work with the club program (coaching and president) until 2016 when she stepped down as president. She continues to be a strong club member, coaching at the club level and helping with the mini program in the city.