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Origins of the league:

Mark Pinguet is described as one of the hardest working rugby players on and off the field in the history of Toronto Rugby. A hardnosed and gutsy player, Mark would never back down from a challenge. On the field, he began to play for the Oshawa Vikings in 1976. After two years at Oshawa, Mark and a few others formed a new club north of the city. Brock RFC was established in 1978, where Mark served as President (1984-2014), Player, Coach and Referee. Mark was also able to establish high school rugby in the area and started the first Women’s side at Brock Club, where he served as Head Coach. As a player, Mark had his chances to progress but family, work and club commitments were always on the top of his mind.

In the early 2000’s Mark joined the Toronto Rugby board when they had a huge deficit. Mark served as Treasurer until 2007 moving the TR from Red to Black. With a stable surplus, Mark became Toronto Rugby President in 2008 until stepping down in December 2015.Over the course of his term with Toronto Rugby, Mark was able to establish guidelines and procedures to give the directors direction and have Toronto Rugby run properly and smoothly.